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Embrace Radiant Health with C-Tox Jelly 

Transform your wellness journey from the inside out with our innovative health companion.  8 years of research have culminated in this delectable jelly, brimming with natural enyzmes and vitamins for your optimal health. 

Why Choose C-Tox Jelly?

  • Natural Detox: Flush out toxins and boost your metabolism with our gentle, scientifically formulated blend. 
  • Dual Power: Experience the dual benefis of detoxification and nourishment in every sachet. 
  • Taste Meets Health: Indulge in the delightful grape flavour while fueling your body with essential nutrients. 

Health Benefits in Every Bites:

Supports intestinal health

Lowers cholesterol

Enhances immune system

Promotes health digestion and metabolic rate

Simple Daily Routine: Post-meal or before bed, a sachet of C-Tox Jelly aids in: 

  • Enhancing digestive movement 
  • Clearing dampness and indigestion
  • Improving gut health and regulating gastrointestinal functions
  • Elevating your body's natural cleansing processes

Premium Ingredients for Premium Well-being:

  • Apple Pectin, Moringa Seeds & Konjac Powder
  • Aloe Vera & Water Soluble Fiber
  • Enriching Vitamins, Papain & Pineapple Extracts

Effortless Consumption: No preparation needed - Consume Direct. Enjoy 1 sachet daily to kickstart a refreshing tomorrow. 

Storage Made Simple: Keep your sahets in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to preserve their potency 

Join the C-Tox Jelly Revolution! Reclaim your vitality and experience a life of purity and vigor. 

1 Box of 10 sachets (20g/sachet) 

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