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Support the body's energy and information flow with our range of solutions imprinted with proprietary bio-information


Liquid solutions designed to allow you to address the body's energy environment and help turn on the body's self-repair system – directly impacting the physics of the body where the physical biochemistry and its quality are determined. Encoded with corrective information that helps the body return to a more optimal blueprint for health and wellness, this unique line of Infoceuticals is based on proprietary and extensive mapping of the human body-field of more than 30 years. 


Our solutions are imprinted with specific bio-information. Their success lies in resonating with and helping to restore the ideal state of the body's organs, systems, and sub-systems through an underlying control system. They are produced with our cutting-edge imprinting technology developed exclusively at our R&D centre.


The secret of correcting the body's control system lies in the information imprinted in these remedies. Infoceuticals contain filtered water and micro-minerals, and they're imprinted with specially modulated photons under a high-voltage electrostatic charge. This sets up specific resonant qualities to support improved function in the body.



In the NES bioenergetic theory of the body-field, the sum of the body's biological and atomic activities generates an overall electromagnetic field, called Polarity, which fully encapsulates the body. This field plays a vital role in the formation of the HBF and its quantum-level activity. If the integrity of the Polarity field is compromised and it tends towards a positive charge, rather than the slightly negative charge which it prefers, then there will likely be a significant disruption to the quantum structure (fields) of the body-field.

* It is quite difficult for the body-field, and by extension the body, to correct distortions and make beneficial changes unless the Polarity field is normalised.
* Polarity issues are bio-energetically correlated to many influences, including emotional blocks, stress, electromagnetic disturbances of all kinds, air travel, geopathic stress, toxins and chronic illness.
* The Infoceutical Polarity (PL) is used to re-establish polarity to its natural, optimal state.


Rock salt, Pure water


How to Take:

  • Infoceuticals are available in dropper bottles and are designed to be used at home
  • Dispense the recommended number of drops into a glass or a bottle of water and drink it. The drops can be taken safely and conveniently with any foods or nutritional supplements.


Size: 20ml

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