Ovitrap Larvae Killer

Ovitrap Larvae Killer
Ovitrap Larvae Killer Ovitrap Larvae Killer
Brand: MozzTech

No Aedes No Zika Virus!

Effectively reduce mosquito breeding!

Ideal to be placed indoor & outdoor!

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OviTrap Larvae Killer is a device consists of a black cylinder with a special isolated wire mesh.  This larvae killer is used to control the Aedes mosquito population. It can monitor, control and detect Aedes mosquito populations thus acting as an early warning signal to pre-empt any impending dengue outbreaks.

How it works

This black Ovitrap Larvae Killer when added with water will attract female mosquitoes to lay their eggs.  When the eggs hatch and develop into adults, they cannot fly out of the device and die inside the trap.  The extensive use of the ovitrap in a community can be used in Aedes population control and effectively reduce the Aedes population in that area.  It has been widely used in countries like Singapore, United States, and Hong Kong since the 1970s. 



  • Economical
  • Environmental-friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Durable
  • Safe to use  in both indoors & outdoors
  • Easy & low maintenance

Ideal for:

Schools, Commercial Buildings, Bathrooms, Wet Kitchen, Garden, Pool Sides, and many more.

Size: 11.2 (D) x 18.5 (H) cm 


Ovitrap Larvae Killer & instruction manual

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