AcuPearl Pro - Basic

AcuPearl Pro - Basic
AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic AcuPearl Pro - Basic
Brand: AcuPearl
Product SKU: D1003B
Size (length*width*height): 7cm x 11cm x 2.5cm
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AcuPearl Pro is a compact, handheld, non-invasive electronic therapeutic device specifically developed for pain relief therapy use, offering a wide potential to aid range of health issues - Physical, Energy & Mind.  It provides support for the body's natural self-repair systems by revitalizing body's energy, reducing stress, clearing blockages, & directing proper energy flow.

AcuPearl Pro incorporates a range of powerful technologies designed to offer effective therapeutic results:-

* Pulsed  * Ultrasound  * Light  * Kinetic Vibration   * Electromagnetic   * Multi-Wave Oscillator Array

Features Therapy Advantages
  • Simple to use menus
  • 6 therapy categories 
  • More than 60 preset therapy programs (Plus model)
  • Variable settings for timing & intensity
  • Left & right hand orientation modes
  • Single joystick control/navigation
  • Large character LCD back-light screen
  • Program progress bar indicator
  • No negative side effects
  • No rest period required between sessions
  • Auto power off
  • USB charging port
  • PIN security
  • Battery-operated
  • Addresses physical, energy & mind aspects
  • Directly works with acupuncture points & meridians
  • Specific program for aiding different tissue types & joints 
  • Incorporates a set of auto-tap Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) application
  • General programs for assisting with sleep, revitalizing stress & depression
  • Can be used directly on or away from body
  • Complementary with other therapeutic approaches
  • Safe to use in almost all situations
  • No creams or gel required
  • Effects easilty shown on Cardiowav HRV monitor


GEN (General) MERID (Meridians) TISSUE

NRV - Sooth

TIS - Rejuve

ENG - Revital

MND - Calm

MND - Sleep

EMO - Uplift1


Lu                     Ki

Li                      Hp

St                     Th

Sp                    Gb

Ht                     Lv

Si                     Ren

Bl                     Du











Size: 6.1W x 10L x 1.8H cm; Weight: 77gm

Comes with Resealable strap, USB cable, pouch, Therapy & User Guides

Warranty: 12 months

Product of UK 


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