ND Spray Vitaion - White Flower of Life (70ml)
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ND spray Vitaion (70ml) - Transform any Water into Energetic Mist

Studies have proven a regeneration of the air when using with ND Spray Vitaion. A spray filled with the vitalised water from a ND carafe and sprayed on skin, plants, shoots and much more, instantly transform the often <stale atmosphere> environment found in nature.  The reason to it. The vital water from the ND Spray Vitaion transforms the room atmosphere with the Negative ions in its water, into precious breathing air.


  • Increases negative ions in the surroundings
  • Reactivates musty air in vehicle
  • Revitalizes stale air in room
  • Rejuvenates & hydrates skin
  • Reduces stress
  • Used as skin care dispenser to enhance efficacy of products
  • Energizes plants & flowers .........
Production Machine-made
Material Lead-free glass
Size 70 ml / 2.4 Fl. oz
Crystal Picture

Product of Europe


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