MozzTech Pro Outdoor Mosquito Killer

MozzTech Pro Outdoor Mosquito Killer
MozzTech Pro Outdoor Mosquito Killer MozzTech Pro Outdoor Mosquito Killer MozzTech Pro Outdoor Mosquito Killer
Brand: MozzTech
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PRO Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Helps You Reclaim Your Backyard From Biting Mosquitoes!

MozzTech PRO Outdoor Mosquito Trap captures and kills biting mosquitoes, significantly reducing the flying parasite population in your yard. This allows you, your family, and your friends to enjoy your backyard safely once again.

Here's what you can expect using a mosquito trap in your backyard:

  • Imagine a family barbecue, or an outdoor party with your closest friends, without all those pesky mosquitoes dropping in uninvited for a drink! 
  • Picture your children playing outside without complaining of painful mosquito bites or the need for tons of bug spray
  • Think how wonderful it could be to tend your garden or work in the yard again without the worry of mosquitoes 
  • Feel relieved that you and your family enjoy greater protection from possible exposure to harmful mosquito-borne viruses like Dengue Fever 

Mozztech® PRO Outdoor Mosquito Trap is adopting a combination of advanced technologies—the photocatalytic oxidation technology (reaction between TiO2 and UV rays that creates an unlimited amount of CO2, the gas that mosquitoes seek when looking for a host), heating film technology, specialized colour pattern, and a special natural attractant to effectively lure mosquitoes in coordination with the engineered air flow from the fan that sucks the insects into the capture compartment. The trapped insects will eventually die due to dehydration. 

Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide people exhale so if you breathe, you're an attractive target for mosquitoes. Mosquito traps attract these flying pests by emitting carbon dioxide gas and similar lures. Once trapped, they die - and you can enjoy the outdoors once again!

If you're tired of getting bitten repeatedly by mosquitos outside, then consider buying a mosquito trap today. It'll prove its worth every day.

Each set comes with stand (60cm) & base (15cm D) & 6 pcs of attractant. 


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