Nad Sundaram Beautiful Sound
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Nad Sundaram Beautiful Sound 

In Sanskrit Nada means “universal sound” or “sacred sound” and Sundaram means “beautiful”. This CD weaves together ancient and sacred elements and instruments from many cultures with modern acoustic and electronic beats to create beautiful music. Our intention is to offer a truly inspiring sacred music experience, one that is as enjoyable as it is healing, relaxing and refreshing. This is a unique recording in that it blends vocal harmonics (overtones) with the instruments in original ways. The music can be used to enhance inner processes in workshops and healing sessions or simply to enrich your day-to-day experience of life. Each composition has been created with clear intention and minute attention to detail. This CD celebrates all that is beautiful in life: love, peace, harmony, compassion, joy- and even a hint of sadness, which highlights this beauty and helps us to appreciate it more profoundly. This CD is a very different type of music, each track resonates with one or more of the seven major energy centres called Chakras. It has been created by Nestor Kornblum, Michele Averard, Carlos Pons and Harry Massey.  

Track List:
1. Shanti Peace
2. Mediterráneo
3. Kuan Yin
4. Still Point
5. Nad Sundaram
6. Awakening
7. Harmonic Intergration
Total Duration: 64 mins

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