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Aromalife Diffuser is a hand-made diffuser which glows in the dark. It is artistically designed for its exclusive beauty and efficiency. Each diffuser comes with a safety cap to prevent burns through accidental contact. The catalytic burner burns at a constant temperature of 60°C. When heated to above 52°C, IPA will turn completely into gaseous form. The structure of IPA will not hold together when it transforms into gas and thus the vaporizing process will not pollute the environment. For this reason the burner head retains its temperature at 60°C.

Basic functions of Aromalife

  1. Elimination of Odour
  2. Sanitization of the air
  3. Fragrancing

How does it work?

The three functions are performed simultaneously within the burner:

The perfume evaporates and the air is purified in a lower temperature zone at the centre of the burner.  The mixing of the air and the movement from convection due to the presence of hot points on the diffuser ensure that odours are eliminated in a large volume of air while infusing the air with delicate fragrance.

Phytocidere which is found in most of the essential oils extracted from botanical plants is known for its disinfecting action and acts as an insect repellent. Besides, the high level of anion which is being released during the catalytic combustion could ease respiration, invigorates fatigue, activates cell renewal and reinforces immunity function. Anions in the air are also able to kill bacteria. 

Size: 50ml

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