Journey Through The Matrix Music CD
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Journey Through The Matrix 

This is the second collaboration between world-renowned sound healing expert David Gibson, of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco, and Harry Massey. This CD incorporates bio-information about the human body. The information is provided by NES Health, based on the research of Peter Fraser into how energy and information direct the human body-field, and affect health and well-being at the physical and emotional levels.

The Music of the Body:

Sound, in all forms and certainly in the form of music, imparts its own kind of energy and information. The sounds and music in JOURNEY THROUGH THE MATRIX are based on both ancient and modern science from the field of sound healing and therapy. The structure of some of the songs is based on the keynotes for archetypal healing modes, which are enhanced by the information encoded from NES Health research that imparts their own kind of therapeutic effect. Together, the music and encoded bio-information provide a one-of-a-kind healing experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Track Information:

1. Reconnection
2. Good Grief
3. Overcoming Fear
4. Heart
5. Imprinter
6. Matrix Restore
7. Chakra Star
8. Energetic Star and Memory
9. Calm Mind

Total Duration: 71 mins

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