Thomas Chochola Sound of Time CD
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Thomas Chochola Sound of Time CD

TC music builds on sound structures, which reflect natural rhythms of the great cosmic motion sequences. Many of the body’s own pulse mechanisms correspond with these super-ordinate planetary movements. So the cell membranes of our nervous system pulse in unity with the movements of the earth around the sun. The spinning movement (own rotation) of the earth has a fundamental influence over the body’s well being.

“TIME-SOUND” CD is a complete work of poetry and sound structures, which pick up the intensive cosmic changes of the present time and support engagement with these. In particular the fundamental frequency of 8 Hertz (8 oscillations per second) is integrated into the music of TIMESOUND. This frequency corresponds with rhythms including the earth’s own oscillations. The human organism is strongly connected with this frequency and requires this oscillation information in order to stabilise the biological system. Individuals who work with energy, use TC music as a support mechanism when providing treatments in spiritual areas such as energy-based massage. Experience shows that harmonisation of the natural pulses in the body is supported and the flow of energy in the meridians is positively influenced by TC music.

Consists of 7 compositions: 

Frequency patterns for stabilising & promoting holistic well-being.

Part 1: Formless

This composition is matched to each of the self-rotation of the earth.  Supports  the processes of letting go and the right mood for the affection all items in the universe. Calls a time-free, stress-free feeling of the presence

Part 2: Source

Born in the LAP being touched, you choose the way of your freedom. Composition for the transition ..... free to choose the emotion ... support the realization of your ability to think: You choose the INFINITE potential

Part 3: Live-leveling

This composition is the subtle cleaning. It supports a clear mind, refreshes the thought processes.  Old ways of thinking and behaviour pattern can be relaxed mentally and be restructured

Part 4: Quantum Dominus

This composition supports the attention and presence in the room.  Chords of the force involves rhythm of the moment

Part 5: Universal Rhythms

The pulsation of the healthy Heart at 72 beats per minutes and the walking rhythm of 2/3 are synchronized with the Fractal Rhythmic of this resonance vibration --- Supports the WAY - that you want to migrate

Part 6: Transition

This composition is adjusted to the rotational motion of the Earth. Promotes meaningful feeling and accepting the unchangeable

Part 7: Mater Femina

This composition is adjusted to the proton of vibration. Supporting the maternal feeling.  Consciousness - that security on resonance body is the identical perception of holistic life.

Total Duration: 67 mins


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