Thomas Chochola Earth Resonance CD
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Thomas Chochola Music - Earth Resonances  

TC music builds on sound structures, which reflect natural rhythms of the great cosmic motion sequences. Many of the body’s own pulse mechanisms correspond with these super-ordinate planetary movements. So the cell membranes of our nervous system pulse in unity with the movements of the earth around the sun. The spinning movement (own rotation) of the earth has a fundamental influence over the body’s well being.

"Earth Resonances" is devoted to these primary rhythms of the planets and can be played very quietly in the room. This harmonises the energy in the room and the sound structures tune it to the natural pulses. Investigations also reveal direct influences of music on the growth of plants.

Consists of 3 compositions: - Wealth, Harmony & Vitality

Coordinated to the process of movements of the Earth. Particularly suitable to harmonising rooms and stabilising the body rhythms.

  • To harmonize living spaces
  • To neutralize noise (motorway, etc)
  • For therapeutic energy work
  • To harmonize stress, fears & psychic imbalance
  • For the experience of identical architecture of body resonance 

Part 1Soothes & Harmonizes Nerves

Directly effects the nervous system in a soothing & harmonious way (attuned to the rotation of the earth around the sun – harmonious standard pitch, C sharp with 136.10 Hertz) – 26:24

Part 2: Silence – 2:01

Part 3: Stabilizes & Harmonizes Organism

Stabilizes & vitalizes the organism, brings clarity on a mental-intellectual level (attuned to the rotation of the earth around its own axis – harmonious standard pitch g with 194.18 Hertz and the precession of the earth – note f with 172.06 Hertz) 5:18

Part 4: Silence – 2:01

Part 5: Inner & Outer Well-being

Promotes inner & outer well-being (attuned to the rotation of Jupiter around the sun – harmonious standard pitch fits with 183.58 Hertz) – 12:06

Part 6: Silence – 1:59

​Total Duration: 44 minutes

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