Wellness: A Personal Choice!!

“Use it or lose it; just do it; just say no’ if you have your health, you have everything. Health is Wealth.”

Sound familiar? Statements like these have become part of our vocabulary. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear or talk or read about the latest way to lose weight, reduce stress, and improve ourselves in some way. We are exhorted to be strong, exercise our willpower and our bodies, avoid harmful substances, fling ourselves into the social arena, and be all we can be. Our society seems to have turned itself onto the idea that we can and should make a difference in our personal health and well-being. Although the extent to which illness or death could be prevented by altering our lifestyle is debatable, it is clear that the choices we make every day influence not only how we live, but also how long we live.

Wellness is the active process of becoming aware of and making choices to create a healthier life in all of life’s dimensions. Wellness describes a lifestyle in which the physical, social, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and environmental components of health are integrated. The person committed to wellness is continuously striving to achieve the optimum level of health within the framework of his or her own limitations and potential.

Our outlook on life, our relationship is with others, our general appreciation of the world around us, and our respect of the well-being of others are all major elements of the wellness lifestyle. Thus, wellness is not dependent upon age, sex, or intelligence but a mindset which will help you attain a sense of well-being.

Total Wellness comes from an integration of all levels.

Total Wellness is a holistic, preventive and systematic approach that address causes not symptoms, and seeks to comprehensively repair the damage incurred. We cannot hope to attain Total Wellness if we allow the causes to go uncorrected.


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