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Nature's Design
Nature's Design

The Original Source of Life

Anyone who has ever taken a drink from a mountain stream knows from his own experience the virtues of fresh spring water.  At ome, the water coming from the tap is no longer as tasty or as energizing.  No wonder, when you think of the long distances, the processing, and the environmental pollution that cool water has been subjected to on its journey to you. In order to document "visually", how deeply the products fro Nature's Design alter the structure of water, before-and-after photographs of water crystals were taken from all products. Test results come from the E.F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland.  All water samples were photographed using the procedure developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

                    Before                                                 After

Normal tap water is weakened by the unnaturally high pipe pressure and the flow in said pipes 

A 3 minutes stay in the Cadus Carafe is enough to improve  weakened tap water   

The Golden Ratio 

Since antiquity, the underlying proportions of the Golden Ratio have served as the epitome of beauty and aesthetics.  Even today, this perfect proportion can be found in art, in architecture, in design - and elsewhere.

The Golden Ration is evident everywhere in nature, which is why it's being used as the guiding principle in the  designs of our products.  It arises from the equality of proportions when the relationship between the larger and the smaller part isthe same as that between the whole and the larger part.  This ratio, this formula - the phi number from mathematics - is 1.618. 

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is based on this same principle, and describes the characteristics of growth processess which can be found in nature, for instance in the leaf and flower position of plants.  This arises, for example, in left and right ahnded spirals with a ration of 8 to 13, or 2 to 34 (all nmbers in the Fibonacci sequence). When deviding these numbers the result is always 1.618, which is know as "Phi" or the Golden Ratio.

All Nature's Design glass and porcelain products are carefully conceived in accordance with the golden-ration, making every piece genuinely pleasing to the eye and energetically in alignment with the flow of the life force energy.  


The Flower of Life

This powerful symbol - another expression of what is sometimes referred to as "Sacred Geometry", is found in many cultures and religions and also in products from Nature's Design.  And for good reason. In its simple beauty and perfection, it is a symbol for the perpetual process of creation and, in the process, contributes to the harmonious reorganization or "structuring" of water.

The Flower of Life consists of numerous overlapping circles.  The starting point is the circle in the center. Represented in this circle is a basic, geometrical structure, which revewals that originally, all life sprang from a single source.  Keyword: Cell Division.  Cell division proceeds until every creature has achieved it sappropriate and harmonious form.

As theis symbol is utilized in products from Nature's Design, water held in these products remembers this "original code" through the influence of the Flower of Life. Water once again arranges itself symmetrically as it corresponds to its basic structure, the hexagon.  And this same, original, hexagonal form is found in the Flower of Life!

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